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Botzbrain Affiliate Program

The Botzbrain Affiliate Program aims to establish a strong partnership with influencers and people passionate about technology and innovation, to promote our flagship product, Fiona. We believe in the value of our product and want to offer our affiliates a lucrative opportunity to generate income while contributing to our growth.

Our Participation Criteria

Ensure your social media account is not only active but also engaging, maintaining a presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others relevant to your audience. Regular updates, interactive posts, and meaningful interactions are key.

To generate more revenue, you must have an online sales method. This can include a website, blog, Instagram page, ads, TikTok, YouTube channel, or any other relevant sales channel. The more sales methods you have, the more revenue you can generate.

To make profitable sales, you must demonstrate strong communication skills and be able to convince your audience to buy the product through your affiliate link. You can add the link to your bio, profile, or use whatever technique you find most effective to increase sales.

Having at least 1300 followers on your social media account to start. It's not a requirement but a recommendation from Botzbrain experts. The more followers you have, the more revenue you can generate.

You can reside in any country worldwide to become a Botzbrain affiliate partner. We do not have a limit on that. We welcome everyone to generate income by promoting our product worldwide.

You must be able to promote the product authentically and convincingly. You bring more traffic to the Fiona website through your affiliate link and convince them to make a purchase for you to be profitable.

Our affiliates' benefits

Competitive commission of X% on each sale made through their affiliate link.

Access to exclusive promotional content to optimize Fiona's promotion.

Dedicated support to answer questions and help affiliates maximize their sales potential.

Opportunity to participate in exclusive events and training to strengthen marketing and sales skills.

How it works ?

Registration via the dedicated form on Fiona website. Then you log into your affiliate account and generate an affiliate link for your future sales.

Promote Fiona through your social media accounts by using the affiliate link you generated. Generate sales and receive commissions on each validated sale.

10% commission on each sale generated by the affiliate. Example: If an affiliate generates a sale of $240, he/she will receive a commission of $24.

Tier 1: Beginner, 10% commission
Commission Level :
10% commission on each sale generated by the affiliate.
Tier 2: Intermediary, 12% commission
Commission Level:
12% commission on each sale generated by the affiliate.
Tier 3: Advanced, 14% commission
Commission Level:
14% commission on each sale generated by the affiliate.
Tier 4: Expert, 18% commission
Commission Level:
18% commission on each sale generated by the affiliate.

Tier 5: Master, 20% commission

Once you reach Tier 5, Botzbrain will contact you and appoint you as an ambassador

You will represent the startup to other companies, customers and users in direct collaboration.

Terms and conditions

Commissions are paid between 1 week and 2 weeks, depending on the criteria governing the buyer’s financial institution.
Sales must be confirmed and payments received for commissions to be validated.
Botzbrain reserves the right to change the terms of the affiliate program at any time

Join the Botzbrain affiliate program now and contribute to Fiona's success while generating additional income!