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Who we are

Welcome to Botzbrain, a Canadian startup specializing in the development of artificial intelligence (AI)-based devices. Located in the heart of Canada, specifically in Montreal,Quebec, Botzbrain is home to an exceptional team of developers and engineers ready to revolutionize the world with their expertise in programming and their passion for artificial intelligence (AI).

Our Mission

Our mission at Botzbrain is to enable individuals to delegate tasks to AI, allowing them to focus on manual work and activities that AI cannot perform.

Our Vision

We aspire to enhance productivity across all sectors by significantly reducing the time required to complete various tasks through the powerful calculations of AI. At Botzbrain, we believe in a future where AI serves efficiency and innovation and we are committed to realizing this vision.

Michel Kodjo,Founder & CEO of Botzbrain

Michel Kodjo

Founder & CEO of Botzbrain

We’re a leader in Artificial Intelligence

In January 2024, Michel Kodjo, CEO of Botzbrain, launched his first AI achievement: Fiona, the conversational AI assistant. Fiona has the ability to speak, hear, and respond to a multitude of questions, while possessing extensive knowledge in all fields of activity. 

With its ability to hear and talk, Fiona provides users with quick access to information and data through voice commands. Additionally, Fiona includes a Text-to-Text system that allows users to interact through text instead of voice, offering flexibility in communication based on individual preferences.

Michel Kodjo and his ingenious Dev Team had a revolutionary idea. Instead of requiring users to adapt to Fiona’s features, they opted to enable Fiona’s seamless integration into various applications and software, including Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Microsoft Calendar, Asana, Slack, Zoom, WhatsApp and many more. This decision allows users, enterprises, and organizations to continue using their existing tools and apps, ensuring quick, efficient productivity and seamlessly integrating Fiona into their daily routines.

Led by its CEO, Michel Kodjo, a graduate of the Institut Supérieur d’Informatique (ISI) in Canada, Botzbrain, Inc. was born from the vision of merging AI with web development. This vision quickly took shape as Michel discovered the enormous potential of AI to enhance his clients applications and websites, as well as the thriving markets surrounding this technology. Thus, Botzbrain was founded, dedicated to the development of artificial intelligences.

Fiona is not limited to personal use; it can also be deployed in businesses, workplaces, or even as dedicated customer service personnel. She can be integrated into a company’s IT ecosystem, including scheduling, tasks, projects, and even surveillance cameras, offering a high level of security. Fiona is capable of providing accurate information through fluent conversations in natural language, whether in English or French.

Botzbrain is positioned among the leading high-tech companies in the field of artificial intelligence in Canada and aspires to change the world with its groundbreaking innovations.

Founded in early 2024, Botzbrain is already one of the top five AI-focused startups in Canada, thanks to its flagship product, Fiona.

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Our Commitment to Employment and Growth
We are dedicated to creating a massive employment opportunity centered around AI,where every individual retains their place within their company while utilizing AI to enhance their functions. This innovative approach aims to significantly increase the productivity of businesses by reducing the time required to complete tasks, all while preserving existing jobs and fostering sustainable economic growth.

Our dream is to deploy Fiona throughout the Canadian ecosystem and then expand globally, into all imaginable sectors. We envision a world where every individual benefits from the assistance of a conversational AI, Fiona, through seamless, intuitive, and human-like conversations, regardless of location whether in businesses, at home, in shopping centers or malls, at bus stops, in subway stations, in vehicles, in hospitals, on smartphones, computers and much more. This vision drives us to constantly innovate
while contributing positively to the evolution of society.